Are you struggling with debt?

Is your family consumed with financial turmoil?

Do you need a plan to get your financial footing back to solid ground?

You will discover that many people in society are facing financial difficulty, regardless of the amount of income they earn.

This book will outline how you can take the money you are currently bringing into your home and conquer your debt once and for all.

All you need to do is decide that today is your wake-up call to make things better. 

If you do nothing, years will come and go but you will be faced with the same financial burdens you are faced with today.

Don't wait another second to transform your financial destiny!


Book Review: "I had the pleasure of reading Kim Halerwich-Clark's book It's Just a Little Change and it is truly a must read for people who are ready to commit to making wise financial changes and escaping the stranglehold of debt.  This book is filled with encouraging personal stories, practical financial tips, and a thoughtful 52 week 'action plan' that acts as a firm, yet manageable guide on your journey towards financial freedom. If you are struggling with financial discipline and you are ready to take control by working towards a debt-free life, then It's Just a Little Change is the book you will want to have by your side." - Emma Rose



The author's advice is spot-on, and she covers a lot of
topics that other authors shy away from. Kim Halerwich-Clark makes it easy to
understand; she explains it in layman's terms and focuses on family and happiness. 

"It's Just A Little Change" will
leave you enthusiastic and positive about your financial future.
This debut book not only makes it easy for you to understand the steps
necessary to obtain financial freedom but also makes you want to jump out of
your seat and get started right away. I was very excited after I read this book
and quite frankly felt a little relieved someone finally wrote it down in a way
that everyday people can relate to and understand. A refreshing and fantastic
read if you are looking to be truly free from your debt. G.T.



 "Kim, what a super book I found it really informing on what bad habits we have when it comes to spending on small stuff that adds up to $$$$ a week.  I shocked myself on how much my husband and spend at Tim Hortons just to mention one.  Did a re-evaluation of our spending habits after I read the book.  Saving myself hundreds of dollars a year."

Thanks I.S. 



"This information needs to be taught in schools."




 "I think this book should be made apart of the school system. We are educated on how to buy a house with interest on a mortgage but not educated on how to save for a mortgage. If I would have read this book when I was in school I would have learned how to save my money instead of spending it. With the right tools, like your book young people today would have a bettter chance at success. They could save money for their education therefore a better job and more opportunities. Way to go Kim I give you two thumbs up!" R.R.







**Also available at The Book Keeper book store in Sarnia, Ontario.



"When the harness of debt has been freed from your reins,

you can then focus on your true self."  K.H. Clark