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Headache Ease Formula

 I woke up with a tension headache and rubbed Headache Ease on my temples and forehead.  Within 15-20 minutes, my headache was completely gone! 

Sore Muscle Relief

After having a sore neck/upper shoulder blade from sleeping in an incorrect position (as told to me by the massage therapist), I tried the sore muscle relief rub and within a few minutes I could feel the difference.  I was able to turn my head from side to side without the shooting pain up my neck.  I will return to the massage therapist for a treatment but this definitely helped ease my pain in the short term and gave me more mobility.

Pimple Eliminator

I still struggle with acne periodically and when I see a pimple start to rear its ugly head, I place some Pimple Eliminator on the affected area and it doesn't seem to get any worse! It begins to shrink and fade away, I find within a day or two. 

Restless Leg Relief

I suffer from restless leg syndrome and after sitting too long, I find my legs get so annoying that I have to go lie down in bed for it to subside.  When rubbing the Restless Leg Relief on my lower spine area, the nerves in my legs calm down and I am able to continue sitting without a disturbance from my legs.

Split End and Damaged Hair

My hair has been so dry with the cold weather, that it appeared brittle and matted to the touch.  After only one treatment, my hair's moisture was replenished without feeling oily. It completely brought my hair back to its summertime softness.

Chest Congestion

I have been battling a cold over this Holiday Season and last night tried the Chest Congestion holistic mix. I found I got a better nights sleep. I coughed much less than the night before. I awoke with less tightness in my chest.

Pine Essential Oil

I tried diffusing the Pine Oil in my living room.  My husband and I both felt a more relaxed soothing calm feeling come over us. I found it helped with my coughing as well so we brought our diffuser to our bedroom to use throughout the night.  I think I am getting addicted to diffusing now.